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Channel refresh in iXperion generates error dialogs

Chances are, that your Smartsite iXperion Manager generates error dialogs about missing manager actions and resource files, when you change and save the default channel item.

With credit to the Smartsite Helpdesk, add a headermapping key, old style, to the Smartsite Site Registry, with a name formatted as follows:

in which you need to replace <domain> with 1 of 3 possibilities:

  1. The machine name, in case of a testing / development environment

  2. The text "localhost", in case the only person to access that machine is you, via the machine itself

  3. The fully qualified domain name to the web site (like, in case of a production environment.

Within that key, add a string value named 'ch' with a value of 'MGR'.

Happy channeling!
Tags: channel, error, header mapping, ixperion
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